Welcome to the Prince Lab

The Prince lab studies vertebrate development using the zebrafish (Danio rerio), as the embryos are accessible from the earliest stages, have complete optical clarity, and provide a powerful genetic model. We use a combination of genetic, molecular, cellular and imaging approaches to address how specific regions of the body are patterned. 

Our current projects have a focus on collective cell migrations.  We are investigating the migration of facial branchiomotor neurons (FBMNs) through the zebrafish hindbrain as well as the migration and patterning of neural crest cells, a key vertebrate innovation.



Ana Beiriger "treks" to Washington DC

Ana joined a myCHOICE Policy Trek to visit federal agencies in Washington DC and learn more about roles for PhD scientists.  A highlight of the trip was meeting Francis Collins, director of the NIH.

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Sweta Narayan wins an award

Congratulations to Sweta, who has been awarded a BSCD presentation prize for the talk she gave on her summer project at the BSCD Fellowship Research Symposium on September 20th 2017.  

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Congratulations to Violet and Eva!

Violet Sorrentino and Eva Brotslaw have both graduated with their BS degrees after completing senior theses in the Prince lab.   Violet will be a technician in the Carrillo lab at UChicago and Eva will be moving to the Mitchell lab at Northwestern in August.  We are excited to follow their progress.

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Prince lab review article on the pancreas is out on line

"Zebrafish Pancreas Development and Regeneration: Fishing for Diabetes Therapies" is now out on line at Current Opinions in Developmental Biology


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Vicky is the November 2016 AWIS SOTM

Graduate Student Hannah Brechka of the Cancer Biology Program interviewed Vicky for the AWIS Scientist of the Month feature.  see http://www.awis-chicago.org/events/november-sotm-victoria-prince

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Ana Beiriger wins "Best Poster" award.

Ana's poster on "Developmental origin of the pioneer neuron and its role in Facial Branchiomotor Neuron migration" won the best poster award at the 2016 Molecular Biosciences retreat. Congratulations to Ana!

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Anita celebrates 5 years in the Prince lab and BSD at the Museum of Science & Industry

Anita and Vicky in the MSI tornado!  Congratulations to Anita for supporting the Prince lab and helping advance the lab's research mission for the past 5 years.

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6/27/2016: Vicky Earns Faculty Award

6/27/2016: Vicky received a Distinguished Leader in Program Innovation senior award from the Biological Sciences Division for her work on the myCHOICE career development program.

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